How to Talk about Art: A Beginner’s Guide

Artsy’s Learning Team
Oct 24, 2016 1:00PM

If you’re new to art, where do you start? We’re excited to announce an inviting 30-minute Skillshare class on the fundamentals of defining, discussing, and finding contemporary art.

In collaboration with Skillshare, Artsy’s Learning Team and Gallery Partnerships Manager Jordana Zeldin have created “How to Talk about Art: A Beginner's Guide” as an “Art 101” for our era. The class opts for straightforward language that everyone, even those who have felt lost or skeptical about contemporary art, can use in their search to engage with art.

Each lesson brings ideas to life with examples from Artsy’s partner galleries, museums, and even public spaces. In these four lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify what you’re looking at
  • Look closely, ask questions, understand context, and discuss specific works of art
  • Approach art exhibitions in different spaces

The goal of this class is to empower you to approach artworks that may seem intimidating, and to give you tools to experience the art you love in a thoughtful and satisfying way.

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—Artsy’s Learning Team and Jordana Zeldin. Jordana Zeldin is a Gallery Partnerships Manager at Artsy, a docent at The Whitney Museum of American Art, and an independent artist representative.  

Artsy’s Learning Team