10 Nonprofits with Collectible Editions

Artsy Specialist
May 15, 2018 2:25PM

It’s a little-known fact that you can buy original art from museums. Indeed, many nonprofits—from art academies to print workshops—offer limited edition prints and sculptures by leading artists like Marlene Dumas and Tracey Emin to support their missions.

Below, we’ve highlighted 10 nonprofit shops available on Artsy. To buy any of these works, you can click on the image to contact the institution directly.


Tate Modern

Marlene Dumas’s text-filled portrayal of scientist Alan Turing, Zarina Hashmi’s symbolic woodcut of a rowboat, and Hew Locke’s layered portrait of the museum’s founder are among the standout artworks that you can buy to support the Tate Modern.


Marlene Dumas
Alan Turing, 2015
Tate Modern
Hew Locke
Tate, 2015
Tate Modern
Zarina Hashmi
Rohingyas: Floating on the Dark Sea, 2015
Tate Modern


Lincoln Center Vera List Art Project

Over the past five decades, the Vera List Art Project at Lincoln Center has produced more than 150 signed limited edition prints, including these festive compositions by Don Nice and Malcolm Morley, to benefit its cultural programming.



ICA London

Two years ago, the landmark institution celebrated its 70th anniversary with limited editions by contemporary talents Zhang Ding, Cary Kwok, Chriss Succo, and more—and a few of these exclusive prints are still available for purchase today.



Tamarind Institute

This nonprofit lithography workshop champions contemporary printmaking, collaborating with Abstract Expressionists like Elaine De Kooning in the 1970s and emerging stars like Hayal Pozani today.


Elaine de Kooning
Taurus XIV, Proof F, 1973
Tamarind Institute


Whitechapel Gallery

Founded in 1901, this museum provided breakout shows for many of art history’s greatest talents—Jackson Pollock, Frida Kahlo, and David Hockney, to name a few—and continues to pioneer exhibitions, events, and educational initiatives that are free to the public.



Royal Academy of Arts

Young British Artists Jenny Saville and Tracey Emin have both been showcased by this historic institution, which celebrates its 250th anniversary this year.




Robert Rauschenberg designed sets and costumes at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1957, and the institution has continued collaborating with visual artists in adventurous programming ever since.



Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center’s artworks often reflect its past exhibitions—this signed Joan Miró print, for example, was published to celebrate the museum’s show Miró Sculptures in 1971.




Located at the heart of New York’s Long Island City, the museum captures what’s new in contemporary sculpture—and offers a variety of playful pieces to add to your collection.



The Glass House

Philip Johnson’s The Glass House has inspired Miya Ando and Candida Höfer to create artistic homages to this landmark of modern architecture.


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