18 Art Gifts for New Graduates

Artsy Specialist
May 7, 2018 5:02pm
Wondering what to give a high school senior fleeing the nest or a college graduate off to a first job?
From motivational mirrors to artist-designed blankets, discover inspiring gifts that your graduate will treasure for years to come. After all, a college dorm or new apartment can always use a special reminder of home.
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Plants (That Won’t Die) by Rose Eken

Unlike fresh flowers, these floral prints will last for years beyond graduation day. Plus, prints are relatively easy and cost-effective to ship.

Text Messages by Allison Wade and Craig Damrauer

Wade and Damrauer are both known for their quippy phrases—and these pieces are sure to put a smile on your graduate’s face.

Mid-Century Bottle Openers by Carl Auböck

Auböck—one of the most celebrated figures of Austrian Modernism—crafted exquisite objects for every part of the home, including these horn, brass, and wicker bottle openers.

Posters about the Future by Shepard Fairey

While watches might be a traditional graduation gift, Fairey’s street art rendition of a timepiece is a fitting alternative—and a definite upgrade from the standard dorm room poster.

Survival Tips by Jenny Holzer

Holzer famously began producing her “Truism” slogans in 1983—and you can share the artist’s survival tips with these pencils, postcards, prints, and more.

Graduation Essentials by James Zamora

In a hyperrealistic style, Zamora paints jalapeño chips, Disney DVDs, and other nostalgia-inducing objects that your graduate might love.

Art Textiles by Michael Craig-Martin and Yayoi Kusama

Looking for a cozy gift? Craig-Martin’s lambswool blanket is perfect for cold winter nights, while Kusama’s polka-dotted towel is a standout for summer beach days or picnics on the quad.

Loving Phrases by Blair Chivers

You can also send your graduate some daily cheer with Chivers’s artistic mirrors, which are etched with motivational phrases like “Never Give Up.”