4 Reasons to Sell Your Collection with Artsy

Artsy Specialist
Dec 13, 2018 10:49PM

Selling a work from your collection doesn’t need to be a time-consuming process. Artsy will connect you to auction houses and gallery partners across the world—and walk you through each step from offer to sale.

You can submit your consignment now free of charge, or continue reading to learn about how Artsy can help you sell your art today.

Reach Leading Sellers around the World

Once you submit your consignment, Artsy will advertise your work to our global network of sellers, which includes Sotheby’s, Phillips, Heritage Auctions, and Gagosian Gallery. This way, you can skip the lengthy task of sending your artwork details to each auction house or gallery individually.

With partners across the world—from Copenhagen to Hong Kong to Los Angeles—you can decide whether to sell your work locally or tap into new markets abroad. When you’re introduced through Artsy, you will also receive the benefits of our long-term relationships with these partners.

Consider Offers with Expert Guidance

If your artwork is in demand, you will receive consignment offers from one or multiple sellers.

When reviewing these proposals, you might want to consider the timing of each sale, the seller’s track record with your artist, and the shipment costs to the auction house or gallery. A dedicated Artsy Specialist will walk you through these offers and help you determine the best option for you.

Get Started Any Time of Year

“Collectors used to have to wait months for the fall or spring auctions to sell their works,” explains Artsy Specialist Erin Kim. “With the online market, there are great opportunities to sell your art throughout the year.”

With Artsy, you can sell your works when the timing is right for you. Our network of auction houses host sales year-round, and our gallery partners can facilitate private sales on your preferred timeline.

Sell at a Strong Price

If you choose to place your work in an upcoming auction on Artsy, the auction house and Artsy will work together to promote the sale. This means that there are two teams of auction specialists—and their respective networks of buyers—driving up the selling price of your piece.

For example, Artsy users receive alerts when new artworks are added by artists they follow, and your consignment will be included in these personalized recommendations. This way, your work will reach a wide audience of collectors, from gallery buyers to avid bidders.

If you have any questions about consigning your art, you can contact [email protected] to get in touch with an Artsy Specialist today.

Artsy Specialist