7 Creative Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Artsy Specialist
Jan 29, 2018 7:31PM

Discover the perfect piece that will make your partner smile this Valentine’s day—from Tracey Emin’s romantic notes to René Magritte’s surrealist lovers. Or, declare your companionship with a playful set of Companions by the street artist KAWS.

To buy any of these works, you can click on the image and contact the gallery directly.

Neon Notes by Tracey Emin

Five years ago, these love notes were exhibited across New York’s Time Square for Valentine’s Day, sharing the artist’s deeply personal sentiments of love and longing with the public.


Lovers by René Magritte

Masks, veils, and lovers are popular motifs in Magritte’s surrealist paintings and prints—and the result is mysteriously romantic.


Endless Sunsets by Jessica Nugent

Share an everlasting sunset with these technicolor photographs, which are perfect for brightening up a blank wall.


Companions by KAWS

For those you love inside and out, give a pair of KAWS’s sought-after Companions, which crashed the Museum of Modern Art’s website when they were first released.


Erotic Prints by Gustav Klimt

The Viennese master, who famously painted The Kiss (1907), is also celebrated for his sensual prints of female nudes.


Iconic Hearts by Jim Dine

A self-described romantic artist, Dine is best known for his heart motifs, which he began painting at the height of the Pop Art movement in the 1960s.


Kisses around the World by Elliott Erwitt

Traveling from California to Paris, this legendary photographer captured spontaneous romance around the world.


Artsy Specialist