8 Summer-Inspired Artists to Collect

Artsy Specialist
Jun 19, 2018 9:38am
Countless artists have captured the spirit of summer, depicting loungers by the pool, hot dog stands on the boardwalk, and more.
This season, you can bring the sunshine indoors with these color-filled photographs, paintings, and prints. To buy any of these works, you can click on the image to contact the gallery directly.

Alex Farnum

From surfers to sunbathers, this West Coast photographer captures the lights, colors, and adventures of summer days outdoors.

Massimo Vitali

Vitali is known for his large-format panoramas of Italian coasts, which invite viewers to look up close to discover the beachgoers’ glamorous and comical behaviors.

Ben Thomas

For his series Chroma II, the Australian artist headed to New York to photograph the city’s iconic landmarks—such as Coney Island’s Thunderbolt roller coaster—in his signature, highly-saturated aesthetic.

Derrick Adams

In his “Floater” paintings, Adams portrays black figures decompressing in the pool, lounging on swan floaties, and relaxing in the sun.
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Slim Aarons

In the 1950s, Aarons began documenting the jet-setting lives of America’s rich and famous, from mansions in California to yachts at sea.

Marjorie Strider

This Pop artist—one of the many female practitioners of the movement—is known for her bright three-dimensional paintings, which often satirize the bikini-clad women portrayed in men’s magazines. $29,500–75,000

Eric Fischl

The neo-expressionist painter is fascinated by the dynamics at the beach, exploring how people play, fight, and lounge in the sand in numerous paintings and prints.

Tina Barney

Towels, swimsuits, and American flags fill Barney’s candid documentary photographs of summer life in 1980s New England.
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