Art to Buy for Music Lovers

Artsy Specialist
Jan 22, 2018 3:15pm
From capturing live performances to designing album covers, many artists have helped turn musicians into cultural icons.
Discover where art history and music history collide with creative legends and Grammy winners like Terry O’Neill, The Beatles, Shepard Fairey, Bob Marley, and more.
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The Beatles by Terry O’Neill

This celebrated photojournalist began capturing The Beatles before the release of their debut album—and his early photographs of the band helped launch Beatlemania in 1963.

Bob Marley by Shepard Fairey

In 2014, Fairey released these limited edition posters with a personal statement, writing that “Bob Marley’s music always cheered me up during my high school years of personal struggle.”

David Bowie by Masayoshi Sukita

Sukita photographed Bowie for over 40 years, documenting the pop star’s daily life from the subway to the studio to the stage.

Jimi Hendrix by Donald Silverstein

This portrait of Jimi Hendrix, looking softly at the camera with an unbuttoned floral shirt, is the most iconic image of the guitarist—and a touchstone in Silverstein’s photographic career.

Beyoncé by Elizabeth Fox

This Maine-based painter renders Beyoncé as a modern-day Venus with wind-blown hair and a captivating gaze.

Barbra Streisand by Lawrence Schiller

From Funny Girl to The Way We Were, Schiller captured Streisand at the height of her film career.

Prince by Steve Parke

Working as Prince’s art director for over a decade, Parke contributed to all aspects of the late artist’s visual identity, including album covers, stage designs, and portrait photography.