How to Buy Art from Galleries in a Time Crunch

Artsy Specialist
Nov 4, 2017 4:49PM

When it comes to buying art, you may not always have months to search for the perfect piece. Whether you’re purchasing a gift, decorating your home, or building a collection, follow these tips to get the work you want faster.

Focus on Local Galleries

You can save both time and money on shipping when you buy from galleries in your region. If you decide to pick up the piece yourself, you can also avoid shipping delays entirely.

To find galleries near you, you can browse by gallery location on Artsy. If you are pressed for time, you may want to reach out to three to five galleries at once, as this will increase your odds of securing your favorite work on time.

Ask your Questions Upfront

To move the conversation along faster, you should consider including any time-sensitive questions in your initial inquiry. For example, you may want to ask: “Can the work be shipped within the next week?” “Is framing included?” or “Can you send detailed images of the work today?” If you provide context about your time constraints and your interest in the piece, the gallery will likely prioritize responding to your message.

Many galleries also list their phone numbers on Artsy, giving you the ability to buy art over the phone. When calling galleries for the first time, it may be helpful to say that you discovered their works on Artsy, that you are interested in moving forward, and that you would like to know the best next steps.

Avoid Cutting Corners

Even if you are in a time crunch, don’t forget the basics. Remember that a damaged artwork will always take longer to get on your walls. If you are shipping an artwork, make sure to get the work insured. And invest in an art handler if you are installing a large or complicated piece.

If you have any questions about buying art from galleries on Artsy, you can contact our team of specialists at [email protected].

Artsy Specialist