Collect by Color: Pastels

Artsy Specialist
Aug 6, 2018 6:28PM

From “Millennial Pink” to “Gen-Z Yellow,” pastel colors have been dominating trends in fashion, beauty, and design. Many artists have opted for softer palettes too, and the results are often striking and soothing.

Below, discover 15 pastel artworks to add to your walls. You can buy any of these pieces by clicking on the image and contacting the gallery directly.

Under $500

Gazoo ToTheMoon
To The Moon Krink Mop, 2018
de Plume Gallery
Matthieu Venot
Untitled VII, Urban Nautilus series, 2016
Maria Piessis
Compositions in Confetti 004


Krzysztof Mętel
Landscape with a road, 2016
Assembly Gallery


Clark Goolsby
Apparatus II, 2012
Jordan Sullivan
Death Valley Mountain #4, 2016
Uprise Art
Greg MacLaughlin
The Fatality of Reflection , 2015



Langdon Graves
I Didn't Say It Was Possible, I Only Said It Was True, 2017
Easton Miller
Yesterday I Knew There'd Be Tomorrow, 2015
Ina Jang
Lemonade, 2016
Foley Gallery

Over $10,000

Artsy Specialist