Emerging and Historic Prints to Buy This Week

Discover over 500 years of print history—from Dürer to Dalí. This week, take a virtual tour through New York’s Fine Art Print Fair or browse over 40,000 available prints to find the works you want.

You can buy these artworks—or simply learn more about them—by messaging the representing galleries or auction specialists through Artsy. If you have any questions along the way, you can also contact our team of specialists at inquiries@artsy.net.

Emerging Artists

Pop Prints

Tomato-Beef Noodle O's, From Campbell's Soup II (F.&S. II.61)
Pool Made With Paper And Blue Ink For Book (Tyler Graphics 269; M.C.A.T. 234)
Dog At Duck Trap (M. 81; S. 83)
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Japanese Woodblock

Modern & Impressionist

27 Tableaux Vivants
Personnage Au Chapeau (W. 810)
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Old Masters

Contemporary Icons

The Kiss Was Beautiful
Two Prints, "Tama I" and "Tama II"
Paper Faces
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