Literature-Inspired Works to Collect

Artsy Specialist
Aug 20, 2018 5:34pm
As you make your way through your summer reading list, discover eight artists that have been inspired by books. From watercolors of classic novels to photographs of vintage typewriters, these artworks explore the many facets of literature—and would make great gifts for an avid reader. To buy any of these pieces, you can click on the image to contact the gallery directly.

Stanford Kay

Painted to scale, Kay’s bookshelves are often organized by color—a perfect home addition for those who love to read and keep things organized.

Massimo Listri

These large photographs welcome viewers into Europe’s most iconic and beautiful libraries, from Portugal to Italy.

Richard Baker

In his watercolors, Baker portrays the paperback editions of his favorite childhood novels, sharing his nostalgia for the era before e-books.

Robert Bean

Bean is fascinated by the obsolescence of old typewriters—he’s even traveled to the Peter Mitterhofer Typewriter Museum in Italy to document the many shapes of this defunct technology.
CAD 2,500

Harland Miller

Miller is most known for inventing a series of satirical Penguin book covers, giving them witty titles like I’ll Never Forget What I Can’t Remember.
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Ed Ruscha

In 1970, the Pop artist created seven lithographs (including these two) that were inspired by books he had made in the decade prior.

Andrew Hayes

Hayes transforms used books into wall sculptures, using materials like steel and brass to warp the pages into dynamic, curving shapes.

Cara Barer

The Texas-based photographer has experimented with a variety of tools—including clothespins, curling irons, water, dyes, and more—and transforms books into captivating abstract shapes.
CAD 3,950–10,600