Spotlight: Contemporary Chinese Photography

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Sep 17, 2018 8:50PM

Soothing landscapes, cinematic interiors, and colorful abstractions—this is just a taste of the vibrant work by Chinese photographers working today. Below, discover six contemporary artists from the region, from the emerging talent Silin Liu to the invisibility master Liu Bolin.

To buy any of these works below, you can click on the image to contact the gallery directly. Or, continue exploring what’s new in Chinese photography at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai.

Tugo Cheng

Cheng’s aerial photographs reveal the rhythmic patterns embedded in landscapes—and have earned the Hong Kong-based artist a place on the shortlist for the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year award.


Shen Linghao

Exhibited at this year’s PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, these colorful abstract photographs capture how light interacts with photosensitive materials.


Shen Linghao
No.02 Spare Object Image 02, 2013
Cipa Gallery
Shen Linghao
No.09 Spare Object Image 09, 2013
Cipa Gallery

Silin Liu

In herI’m Everywhere” series, Liu rewrites history by inserting herself into some of the world’s most famous photographs.


Jiang Zhi

In this recent series, Zhi visualizes life’s pushes and pulls by portraying potted plants blowing in the breeze, yet remaining planted in the soil.


Chen Wei

Wei’s empty interiors have a cinematic quality, hinting at the stories of the spaces before they were abandoned.


Liu Bolin

Often called The Invisible Man, Bolin is best known for his series “Hiding in the City” (2005-present), in which the artist camouflages himself in complex environments.


Liu Bolin
Hiding in New York No. 10-5, 2013
Galeria Oscar Roman
Liu Bolin
Sleeping lion, 2012
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