Works to Buy by Latin American Icons

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Feb 5, 2018 5:31pm
Carlos Cruz-Diez’s psychedelic abstractions and Fernando Botero’s plump portraits are among the highlights of Latin American art history.
Below, discover eight of the region’s leading artists in galleries across the world, from Uruguay to Hong Kong. Or, jump to Mexico City for a sneak preview of the popular art fair ZⓈONAMACO, which opens to the public next week.
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Carlos Cruz-Diez

Passionate about visual perception, Cruz-Diez championed the Op Art movement in the 1960s, discovering that colorful stripes can create illusions of movement.

Wifredo Lam

The Cuban painter combined the styles of Cubism and Surrealism to create his signature hybrid creatures, which appeared part-human, part-animal, and part-vegetal.

Marta Minujin

A friend of Andy Warhol, this Pop artist transformed mattresses into brightly colored interactive installations, which she later recreated into these contemporary prints.

Fernando Botero

Botero is known for his bulbous figures, who confidently lounge, dance, and pose for their portraits—often in the nude.
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Vik Muniz

The subject of the acclaimed documentary Waste Land (2010), Muniz often recreates art historical masterpieces with everyday objects, such as this marinara sauce portrait of Caravaggio’s painting Medusa from 1597.

Jesús Rafael Soto

Soto immersed viewers into three-dimensional optical illusions, creating pioneering works that helped define both the Op Art and Kinetic Art movements.

Rufino Tamayo

A prominent Mexican Muralist painter, Tamayo found inspiration in pre-Columbian art for his abstracted portraits and still lifes.

Olga de Amaral

The Colombian artist’s gold-leaf textiles evoke the lush landscapes of her native country—and can be found on display at ZⓈONAMACO this year.
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