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Sep 8, 2013 11:15PM
From Daniel Doubrovkine, Head of Artsy Engineering:         
  Having been a software professional for the last 15 years, I know writing software has become rather complicated. There are thousands of layers between the hardware chips and the programs we write today. The Internet includes millions of interconnected computers. The amount of data being processed in the simplest application is staggering, and the algorithms to deal with this data are getting increasingly dense. Furthermore, computing is being redefined every few years with complete paradigm shifts--from mainframes to personal computers to mobile devices in half of my lifetime!
     To keep up with the pace of digital evolution, the Artsy Engineering team had to find an efficient way to share knowledge outside of the company: blogging. Artsy publishes an Engineering blog on Github, known as a "social coding" platform. Everyone on the team contributes articles. Consider a recent post that introduced Amazon OpsWorks, a new service. We explored this new technology in the past month, concluded that it was worth a try, implemented it and blogged about it. Another developer at a sister company can not only directly benefit from our research, but can also comment on ways to improve our implementation. Furthermore, a lot of the code is open-source and anyone can both use it for free, including for commercial purposes, and contribute actual working software.
     I remember I copied my first software program from the SVM Magazine, a hugely popular technology publication in the late 1990s. I didn't understand a thing, but it somehow worked. Eventually, I went to school to study math and computer science, where I absorbed the usual mix of fundamentals of programming and a great deal of abstract CS concepts. Still, my true education as a software engineer has taken place in the workplace and online with two essential components: technology blogs and open-source software. Blogging and open-source are a necessity. There's absolutely no way to keep up with the evolution of technology without such collaboration. 
     We welcome you to use the Artsy Engineering Blog as one of your resources for learning about programming and digital technology and are excited about hearing from you in your comments.     
     You can follow Daniel on Twitter at @dblockdotorg.
Artsy Education
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