Teaching Art with Artsy

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Sep 9, 2014 9:37PM

We’re excited to announce Teaching Art with Artsy, a simple PDF which illustrates how high school teachers can use Artsy’s tools for lesson planning and classroom instruction.

Download it here.

Teaching Art with Artsy is an outgrowth of our partnership with the New York City Department of Education’s Digital Ready initiative. Digital Ready is an intensive professional development and technology expansion program designed to help participating NYC public high schools use technology and student-centered learning to improve their students’ readiness for college and careers.

Teaching Art with Artsy directly illustrates how Artsy can be used in conjunction with the NYC DOE’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Visual Arts' 12th Grade Benchmarks. For each type of Blueprint lesson we have suggested specific categories or works on Artsy to use as examples and/or to help structure the conversation about art. Just click on any links (underlined in blue) to be taken to their respective pages on Artsy.

While Teaching Art with Artsy is meant for NYC public schools, we believe it will be a resource for students and teachers across the United States and abroad.

Explore Teaching Art with Artsy.

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