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Aug 5, 2014 9:13PM

Popular CultureAllegory, Contemporary Portrait Photography, Use of Organic Material

These are just four [a few] of the 1000+ categories The Art Genome Project offers to help users understand and connect the artists and artworks on our site. For example, a search for “Jeff Koons” will return the categories Contemporary Pop and Found Objects as well as a list of “Related Artists”, while a search for Woodcut/Linocut will connect Josef Albers with Katsushika Hokusai, based on shared characteristics. Searches for individual artworks will also suggest a variety of Related Artworks.

The Art Genome Project’s categories attempt to comprehensively span art, architecture, and design, and allow serendipitous discovery of artists and artworks you might have never expected to see. And if you happen to land on a term that you can’t define—such as Bauhaus, Dada, Rococo—don’t worry. Our categories are accompanied by definitions, which allow Artsy to also function as a user-friendly and highly-visual art dictionary.

Explore our full list of categories here, and learn more about the Art Genome Project here.

Artsy Education