ASIA NOW 2019 | Chat Room Conversation Platform

Oct 8, 2019 10:11AM

Using the idea of on-line chatrooms as a framework, the Chat Room connects various artists, collectors, curators, thinkers and gallerists together, to discuss topics related to the fast-evolving art scene in Asia.

The discussions are open to all ASIA NOW visitors, within the limit of available seats.

You can find our past talks on our website or our YouTube channel.

Changes to the programme are possible. Please refer to our website for the latest updates.


Wednesday 16 October

3.15-4.15pm | Opening Discussion : “IRL”

X Zhu-Nowell, Assistant Curator at the Guggenheim Museum New York and guest curator of ASIA NOW 2019, with Gary Zhexi Zhang, artist and writer

4.30-5.30pm | He Xiangyu “Yellow Book” Discussion & Book Signing

with Li Zhenhua, independent curator, and He Xiangyu, artist

Followed by a book signing of the book - on sale at the ASIA NOW ticket office

5.45–6.30pm | “Spiritually Millennial: Art and Religiosity in the Mind of the Asian Millennial Artist”

with Khairuddin Hori, Curatorial Director at Chan + Hori Contemporary and former curator at the Palais de Tokyo and Singapore Art Museum.

Moderated by Sürreya Wille, former Global Strategic Partnerships lead at Artsy

Thursday 17 October

11.15am-12.15pm | “Video art's place in Asian art museums: Cernuschi Art Vidéo” (in French)

with Eric Lefebvre, Director of the Museum of the Asian arts of Paris - Musée Cernuschi, and Maël Bellec, Chief curator at Musée Cernuschi

‘Cernuschi Art Vidéo #3 : Transmissions' , a selection of seven artist video works, will be screened during the fair. Click here for more information

12.30-1.45pm | “The Evolution of the Form and Function of Private Cultural Institutions”

with Oliva Sartogo and Alina Sartogo, Co-founders of ARTinD, Nicole Ching, Co-founder of Museum 2050, and Lu Xun, collector and Founder of Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing

2-3.15pm | “Does Technology Change How We Experience Art?”

with Charleen Leo, curator/project manager of Future World at the ArtScience Museum Singapore, Sylvain Levy, Co-founder of DSLcollection, Masha Faurschou, Founder of SABSAY gallery and partner at Khora Contemporary, and Liu Wa, artist

Moderated by Benoit Baume, Founder of Fisheye Magazine.

3.30-4.30pm | “The Art of Collecting New Media” (in French)

with Karen Levy, Founder of The Art of This Century, Thibaut Wychowanok, Editor-in-chief of Numéro Art and, and Margot Mottaz, Associate Curator at PaceX

5-6pm | “The Perspective of Mandala"

with Heri Dono, artist, and Constance de Monbrison, curator at the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac

Friday 18 October

11-12am | “The art world is changing and we are changing with it”

with fine art insurance specialists, Siaci Saint Honoré

1-2pm | Karaoke Lecture Performance: “Hong Kong Weather Modification Office (Square Cloud)

by Wong Kit Yi, artist, followed by Q&A with X Zhu-Nowell, guest curator of ASIA NOW 2019

2.15-3.30pm | “Dreamy, Grotesque and Surreal: Into the Deep Subconscious of Min Jung-Yeon” (in French)

with Sophie Makariou, Director of the musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet, Min Jung-Yeon, artist, and Maria Lund, gallerist. Moderated by Olivia Sand, journalist for the Asian Art Newspaper and author of the book “Contemporary Voices from the Asian and Islamic Art Worlds”

Followed by a book signing of “Contemporary Voices from the Asian and Islamic Art Worlds” - on sale at the ASIA NOW ticket office - with Olivia Sand at the entrance to the Chat Room

3.45-5pm | "Living in Interesting Times: The State of the Asian Art Market Today"

with Fang Fang, Founder of Star Gallery Beijing, Serge Tiroche, Co-founder of the Tiroche DeLeon Collection, Thomas Eller, Founder of Gallery Weekend Beijing and Artistic Director of “China Arts & Sciences” in Jingdezhen and Arianne Piper, art advisor

Moderated by Melanie Gerlis, art market columnist for the Financial Times and Editor at Large for The Art Newspaper

5.15-6pm | “Revealing The Stars”: Discussion & Book Signing

with Huang Rui, artist and Co-founder of the Stars group, and Holly Roussell, Museologist and Art Historian

Saturday 19 October

4.30-5.30pm | “China VPN: a Glimpse into Chinese Subcultures”

with Pierre-Alexandre Mateos and Charles Teyssou, a duo of independent curators, Asian Eyez (aka Lhaga Koondhor), Co-founder of the all-female music collective Nüshu and Cheng Ran, artist and Founder of Martin Goya Business

6-6.30pm | “China VPN #2: Conversation and screening of JOSS"

with Pierre-Alexandre Mateos and Charles Teyssou, a duo of independent curators, Cheng Ran, artist and Item Idem, artist

Sunday 20 October

12.30-1.30pm | “KIRTI: Expanding the Frame of Southeast Asian Art” Discussion & Publication Soft Launch

with Hunter Panther Deerfield, independent researcher and Khairuddin Hori, Curatorial Director at Chan + Hori Contemporary and former curator at the Palais de Tokyo and Singapore Art Museum

2-3pm | “Independent Publishing from Asia

with Simon Baker, Director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and Zhen Shi, Founder of publishing house Maison de Z and photographer

Moderated by Victoria Jonathan, Co-Director of the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival