Top-Ten Reasons to Attend Asia Week New York, March 13-21, 2015

Asia Week New York
Feb 25, 2015 12:00AM

1. It’s Enlightening

42 international Asian art specialists have a combined 1,071 years of expertise in their fields—an incredible breadth of knowledge that they are enthusiastic to share!

2. It’s Affordable

Each and every museum-caliber Asia Week New York exhibition is free and open to the public!

3. It’s Convenient

You’ll experience cultural riches from every corner of Asia—China, Japan, India, Nepal and other countries—with no long flight and no jetlag!

4. The Views Are Amazing

Feast your eyes on four thousand years of rare ceramics, jewelry, textiles, paintings, sculpture, bronzes, prints, photographs and jades!

5. It’s a Collector’s Paradise

With something for everyone, no matter the budget or experience!

6. It’s Accessible

A multitude of languages are spoken by our international dealers!

7. It’s Family-Friendly

Get your kids away from the computer screens, head to a museum and expose them to the cultural wonders of the world!

8. It’s Convivial

Strike up a conversation with fellow Asian art enthusiasts who include collectors, museum directors and curators!

9.  It’s Warm

Despite the frigid temps, expect a sunny welcome at all of the Asia Week New York venues!

10.  It’s Sooooo New York

With its numerous museum and gallery exhibitions, auction sales, lectures and symposia, where else but in this iconic, culturally diverse city would you find an extravaganza like Asia Week New York?

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Asia Week New York