Atlantic World Art Fair 2022 Program

Atlantic World Art Fair
Apr 18, 2022 7:44PM

John Reno Jackson, challenge a coward, or i'll tackle you myself, acrylic, charcoal, chalk on canvas, 2019. Cayman Art Week.

Join us for a series of engagements that develop understanding of and appreciation for Atlantic/ Caribbean contemporary art by exploring institutional and alternative approaches to regional contemporary art while making connections between the past, present and future.

All events start live online 11 AM EST.

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Wednesday, April 20: Opening Reception & Curators’ Choice

Please join AWAF Founder Lisa Howie and panelists Albertine Kopp from the Caribbean Art Initiative and Rosie Gordon Wallace from the Diaspora Vibe Cultural Art Incubator as they officially open the 2022 Fair and discuss their Curators' Choice.

Friday, April 22: Magic in Visual Conversation, Hosted by Readytex Art Gallery

Curator in Residence, Miguel E. Keerveld welcomes guests Alida Neslo, Independent Theater Maker and Art Director, and Xavier Robles de Medina, visual artist affiliated to Readytex Art Gallery.

With the capacity of performing magic, visual conversation encourages new considerations in the context of so much global uncertainty. The all-inclusive space alakondre-fasi borrows from different belief systems and creates a focus on space and time in which we are all An Other to each other, thus allowing a unique and liberating vision about ourselves and our place in the world. In this discussion, artists will present what drives their thinking, art-making, and exploration processes, while they strive to make an impact and give a voice to subjects of diversity, inclusion, and identification.

Wednesday, April 27: Museum Perspectives on Atlantic/ Caribbean Art

Museum approaches to contemporary art exhibitions are as varied as the communities they serve. Join us to hear perspectives on and outcomes of recent projects relevant to the region. Featuring panelists Julie Crooks, Curator, Arts of Global Africa and the Diaspora, Art Gallery of Ontario; María Elena Ortiz, Curator, Pérez Art Museum of Miami, Caribbean Cultural Institute; and Roxanne Silent, Acting Senior Director, National Gallery of Jamaica. Moderated by Amanda Coulson, Founder, TERN Gallery.

Thursday, April 28: Women & Photography in the Region

Women and Photography from the Caribbean Region brings together visual artist Nadia Huggins and curators Grace Aneiza Ali and Tiera Ndlovu. During an engaging dialogue informed by archipelagic thought and curatorial activism, panelists will present their recent projects and exhibitions and discuss issues of Caribbean photography and the redefinition of archives. The conversation will be moderated by Aldeide Delgado, WOPHA Founder & Director.

Friday, April 29: Perspectives on Contemporary Haitian Art

This location specific conversation explores the context of Haiti and the intriguing portfolios of two of the Island’s well respected contemporary artists, Edward Duval Carrié and Pascale Monnin. Moderated by Writer, Scholar, Curator, Dr. Anthony Bogues of Brown University.

Tuesday, May 3: Creating Alternatives for Contemporary Atlantic/ Caribbean Artists

Join us as presenters discuss some of the projects underway that are developing alternative community engagements, residencies and economic platforms for contemporary artists from the region. Featuring panelists Natalie Urquhart of Cayman Art Week; Blue Curry of Ruby Cruel, London; and Annalee Davis of Fresh Milk, Barbados. Moderated by Lisa Howie, Atlantic World Art Fair.

Wednesday, May 4: NFTs and the Digital Age in Atlantic Art

A new era of art making and collecting is upon us. Join us to learn more about the exciting NFT arena and how you can get involved as an artist and collector. Featuring Founders Wyatt Gallery and Anya Ayoung-Chee, Artist Rodell Warner and Collector Christian Salloum.

Thursday, May 5: Closing Reception

Join us for the concluding commentary on the Fair, as we discuss the event’s overall achievements and celebrate the talents of our participating artists and galleries. Featuring Independent Curator Melissa Messina and Curator María Elena Ortiz, Pérez Art Museum of Miami, Caribbean Cultural Institute with AWAF Founder Lisa Howie.


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