BEA Comes to Dallas

Beatriz Esguerra Art
Mar 27, 2018 6:54PM

From left to right, artworks by Colombian artists Pedro Ruiz, Ricardo Cardenas, Fernando Botero and Hugo Zapata

April 12-15 Dallas Art Fair Booth F13                                                         April 5-21 Pop up Gallery at 171 Oaklawn Ave.  

Beatriz Esguerra Art is pleased to announce its presence in Dallas during April, the city’s art month, with two exciting exhibitions: one, at our pop-up gallery, at 171 Oak Lawn Avenue in the Design District (April 6-21), and another at the Dallas Art Fair (April 12-15) where, for the fourth consecutive year, we will once again exhibit established and emerging art from Colombia.  

BEA is hoping to make a more permanent presence in Dallas.  Our commitment to the annual Dallas Art Fair, our desire to bring Colombian artists to a wider audience and the warm reception we have received from the Dallas arts community over the past 4 years has been encouraging. In both venues, the gallery will bring the work of acknowledged master Fernando Botero along with established sculptors Hugo Zapata and Ricardo Cardenas and painter Pedro Ruiz.  We will also show mid-career and younger artists from Colombia, selecting work that emphasizes the richness and diversity present in contemporary Colombian art. The country’s complex culture, geography and customs is expressed with unique vision and technique in each of the exhibited artworks.  Both exhibitions demonstrate BEA’s dedication to supporting artists that adhere to values such as quality, aesthetics, creativity and authenticity.

“Colombian art is one of the world’s best kept secrets; … Artists are inspired and influenced not only by their constantly changing reality, but also by the varied politics, customs and histories that result from a complex geography” says owner Beatriz Esguerra. “Colombia is a country of passion, magical realism, beauty and humor. All of this comes through in its artists’ works.” (Outlet Mag, Jan 3, 2017)  

Beatriz Esguerra Art