Cut**Copy**Paste Closing Soon!

Beers Contemporary
Sep 25, 2014 4:28PM

Cut**Copy**Paste presenting the work of Frank Hallam Day, Michael Mapes & Brian Porray and featured by Artsy, Time Out and First Thursdays will be closing on Saturday the 27th of September. 

Cut/Copy/Paste presents three American artists who explore the boundaries of the contemporary collage and the re-appropriation of images. Though each artist displays a distinct (yet related) body of work, the exhibition presents the artistic practice as limitless and endlessly reinterpretable; an interminable platform for the interrelating discourses and references of re-imagined images in a contemporary context. The pastel-colour smudged mark made of a fragment in time, the kaleidoscope of a repeated geometric motif, the snippets of photographs and locks of hair – the reinvented; the cut, the copied, the pasted. 

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