Andrew Salgado - The Snake at BEERS London

Beers London
Oct 8, 2016 11:45AM

Andrew Salgado: The Snake 
Private View: Friday 11th November 2016, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs 12th November - 17th December 

BEERS London is excited to announce the much anticipated new solo exhibition by Andrew Salgado, The Snake.

Following ten sell-out solo shows which have taken place in major cities all over the world, Salgado explains that the title refers both to his own sense of re-birth as an artist as well as the allegorical nature of the show. 

Salgado will exhibit 12 vibrant new works in tribute to the 49 victims of the recent Orlando massacre in Florida, the largest shooting by a single gunman in American history. Many of the subjects represent outsiders, each of them an alien or an outcast in some way. They are painted on canvasses which have been stitched and hand died by the artist. 

Salgado and BEERS will create an installation, building a room within a room. The walls will be painted green and a carpet of grass will line the floor, representing the Garden of Eden, with some surprises in store for visitors on the opening night. 

Salgado claims that there's a heart of darkness to the works which isn't immediately obvious. He says, 'I want people to feel like they're walking into a clandestine space. There's something evil and seductive about the show as a whole. I feel that as a gay man, we're pariahs who have been cast out of the Garden of Eden.' In many ways, the snake metaphor appealed to Salgado, less as a satanic symbol of chaos from the underworld and more as a symbol of re-birth and healing.The snake may be guilty of causing the transition to human pain, mortality and the expulsion from paradise. But as a portrait of existence, out collective suffering is also balanced by free will, knowledge and joy that comes as part of being human. 

BEERS will also release a monograph of Andrew Salgado's work which will run alongside a show at the Canadian High Commission in London this December. 

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