Barry McGee Brings Joy to Brooklyn

Beth Fiore
Dec 11, 2012 3:14AM

This year, Vanity Fair in partnership with Cadillac, BAM, and the Mark Morris Dance Group, came together to present New York with a mural as part of the "Art in the Streets" project.

 Artist Barry McGee, b. 1966 -- a true O.G. of street art and graffiti -- was chosen to create this mural on the exterior wall of Mark Morris Dance Center. As McGee is not only a quintessential American artist but also a pioneer of an art genre that took unmitigated courage, it is a real joy for Brooklyn to have this iconic work added to its landscape.  

 Yet as thrilled as Brooklyn is, McGee also stated he was touched to have the commission and that it is one of the largest pieces he has ever done. The work's size is equal to the triumph that McGee has achieved in art from a very humble begin on the streets of San Francisco. It is also equal in ambition to the crazy installations Jeffery Dietch exhibited of McGee's several years ago. 

While the piece complex, it is also great for the newcomer to his work. It has all of his iconic tags "Pimples", "Fong", "G. Fong" "D.F.W.", saggy sad floating heads and high chroma motifs. 

The intensity of the mural against Brooklyn's gloomy backdrop cannot be appreciated online, it must be seen in person. However, if you cannot make the trip to experience it live, the website does a FANTASTIC job exhibiting the piece.  It also has an excellent video explaining the work, some text about the artist, and some photos of McGee in action.

To visit this project's website, click here!

Beth Fiore