The Only Apps You Need For Art

Beth Fiore
Oct 4, 2013 6:25PM

Three apps you need for the art world, and not an app more: Clearly I am going to plug this app, but not just because I love everything does.  I also feel strongly that the robust amount of content and user experience provided by Artsy ranks  it top art content aggregator of all time, and now that content is available in app form.  In addition the app, like full online version, connects you with art specialists so that you can purchase artwork as you discover them.  Presuming because of the sale side of it is more geared to hosting Contemporary art as content, lets face it no one will ever be able to foster the sale of a Van Gogh through an app. But, that is good news right? Perhaps. But what is certainly good news is that - NO other app hosts this much contemporary art--over 60,000 artworks, 10,000 artists, and 600 galleries.  I just hope you have the bandwidth!

Flyer: Speaking of bandwidth, Flyer is the very best app to cut out all the crap and "follow" what you want -- giving you live feed of events from the galleries, museums, artists talks, and more that you follow.  There was a time when New York City was a lot smaller, but today the city presents too many options, including its art world.  Flyer is the very best app for exploring art, it won't allow you to become overwhelmed! While Flyer hosts hundreds of galleries and the top museums, you can choose which venues you care to hear from. So whether you know exactly whose events/openings you want to attend or you are exploring a new social scene, Flyer will provide you with a self-curated stream of things to do in art  today, tomorrow or next week. Sharing art events also has never been easier either, the app syncs with your calendar and allows you to share openings though text, email or tweet at the tap of a button. Never again will you be helplessly trying to rally  friends to meet you at an exhibition via group texting in lieu of enjoying the very show you came to see.

Art Nerd on Google Field Trip: Now available on Google Glass, this app allows you to find art (if you use the Art Nerd filter) that's near you. Turning a corner in New York might mean stumbling upon a masterpiece, the cool thing about Art Nerd on Google Field Trip is that you're more likely to know it when it happens. Art Nerd is one of the very best websites you can use to find out about public art in major cities and also about really hard to find art historical sites you can visit. For example, Art Nerd was the only place that has written a story on Gorden Matta Clarke's studio that is now and art gallery and is above hipster haven, Home Sweet Home.  The Art Nerd filter of Field Trip is the best for discovering art history in New York City.

Beth Fiore