The Idea of the West

Bettina Korek
Apr 10, 2013 6:09PM

Devendra Banhart: In L.A., we can combine pre-manufactured things and pre-existing ideas, then add something of ourselves to it and create something new.

Barbara Bestor: L.A. has been established for a while, but it still has a quality of have to create your own rules. 

Simone Forti: L.A. has networks of people who collaborate, and there's a discourse that passes through these networks in a pretty casual way.

Bettina Korek (me:): California has always been characterized by what Joan Didion calls the "aspect of quest."

Laura Mulleavy: People come to L.A. to discover something and that requires a willingness to be naive and feel that they can conquer the world.

Quotes from Doug Aitken's book

Bettina Korek