Hyun Ae Kang "Peace in Chaos. A look into Contemporary Korean Art"

Nov 28, 2018 10:03PM

BOCCARA ART is hosting a solo exhibition for South Korean Artist - Hyun Ae Kang, December 1, 2018 - January 1, 2019. The exhibition , titled "Peace in Chaos. A look into Contemporary Korean Art" consists of Hyun's 35 signature works and reflects her deep personal and spiritual meditative approach to Life, synthesising influences and experiences from both the East and the West. In her work Hyun combines traditional Korean spirit and Western abstract, using preliminary natural materials, mostly wood, to create her innovative, rich in colors and texture mixed-media works.

Violet Forest - I

Rain - III

South Korea today represents an image of a highly-progressive country with its K-pop and plastic surgery that immediately come to mind, followed by images of Seoul’s cutting-edge districts, where the latest trends in food, fashion and art are being cooked up and served to a public hungry for the new.

Korean Artists are among the hottest and most desirable names on the art market. World-renowned museums like New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Paris’s Centre Pompidou acquire Korean Art.

It’s almost hard to imagine that 40 years earlier, the avant-garde was embodied by a loose group of artists, among them Lee Ufan, Park Seo-Bo, Chung Chang-Sup and Kim Whan-ki and others whose meditative paintings were inspired by purely natural materials and nature itself.

Hyun Ae Kang gained her recognization in 1993 when the Art Museum of Seoul aquired her work for it's permanent collection.

"That was sculpture 'Together', - recalls Hyun, - one of my first works from my favourite Series 'The Wonder and The Sublime residing within Nature'."

Since then Hyuns work has been exhibited worldwide and collected by important collectors in Miami, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, New York, Anaheimand and Japan.

Her work resides in the permanent collections of the Art Museum of Seoul, Muzeo Art Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim, California, and the Brea Museum and Historical Society, California.

Today Hyun Ae Kang lives and works in California, USA. She is also a Director of YEDA Art Academy Brea, California.

She began her artistic career in sculpture in 1970s and later transitioned into painting, an aspect of her work that can be seen through the tactile marking in her paintings.

"My exploration of the sculpture started since I received both my bachelors and masters in Fine Art at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea", - sais Hyun.

It's important to underline that Contemporary Korean painting demands an understanding of Korean ceramics and potteray as the glazes used in these works and the textures make Korean art more in the tradition of ceramic art, than of western painterly traditions. Brush-strokes as well are far more important than they are to the western artist;

Hyun often utilizes vibrant colors with layers of carefully applied paint to create works which ultimately serve as reflection of her deeply personal joyfull approach to Life.

"Hyun's art reveals the wonder and the sublime residing wishing nature, her inner desire to share her journey of faith, reflecting her longing to have her life shaped by the presence of the Divine. Her works are thus a quite and deeply personalized meditation on her relationship as an Artist with an Almighty Redeemer".