17 years, 77 artists celebrated in BoxHeart's newest exhibit

Feb 10, 2018 8:16PM

LOCAL Pittsburgh, by Onastasia Youseff, January 18, 2018

Kuzana Ogg
Anil, 2017

Since 1998, Boxheart has been and remains as one of the quirkiest and  most relevant galleries in the Pittsburgh art scene. Husband and wife team Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan, the owners of Boxheart, have had  over three hundred shows, exhibited in art fairs across the nation  (including the recent LA Art Show) In their new exhibition Almost 17 and #werestillhere, they celebrate the past seventeen years by bringing together past artists and newcomers alike.

Almost 17 and #werestillhere is a massive exhibit, spanning all three floors of the building. Over sixty of the artists featured in the  show are veterans who have exhibited at the gallery throughout the  years, but seventeen new artists will make their Boxheart debut.

Chung Fanky Chak, Irina Koukhanova, Erin Treacy, and Kuzanna Ogg are  just a few of the many favorites featured in the show. New artists include sculptor and innovator John Eastman, painters Carolyn Wenning  and Chris McGinnis, and Hiromi Katayama, whose unique work combines  contemporary abstract with traditional Japanese art. And that’s just to  name a few.

Amongst the other artworks you will see as you wind your way through  the gallery include powerful mixed media pieces, captivating sculptures,  colorful pottery, cityscape paintings and portraits with a distinct  Pittsburgh flavor, and more.

On Saturday January 27th, spend the evening out with your friends and  join the owners of Boxheart Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan along with  the many incredible featured artists for a free celebration.

Almost 17 and #werestillhere will be open from through February 23rd at the Boxheart Gallery in Bloomfield.