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May 12, 2021 3:46PM

Artistic collaboration in the Crypto Art world

Artistic collaboration is one of the most relevant peculiarities in the crypto art space.

The web cancels space and time, making possible what in the 1.0 world has always been hindered.

If we focus specifically on the world of art, the use of technology has favored the development or consolidation of phenomena that have so far encountered enormous difficulties.

In the world of crypto art - digital art authenticated on blockchain - there are no longer any kind of borders: geographic, gender, status or origin. Many of the artists decide to remain anonymous or act under a pseudonym and it is only their art that is judged.

The passage of time and the use of space are fluid; the disciplines that participate in the creative process of the crypto art community are many and varied, almost as if it were a Bauhaus 4.0. All these conditions make it possible for the spread of artistic collaboration, a phenomenon that has always fascinated artists and collectors but has so far found almost insuperable logistical impediments before it.

Now it is possible to develop synergies between artists from all over the world, experts from different sectors, from any social background, in order to create interdisciplinary works of art. This gives life to an exchange of flows that can lead to the overcoming of one's creative and sensitivity limits, and to the enjoyment of an art never seen before.

Skygolpe, Freu/id/, 2021 - Skygolpe, Freu/id/, 2021 - Skygolpe, Loa/id/ing, 2021

In this specific case we present the collaboration between the artistic duo Hackatao and the artist Skygolpe, who created a collection of eight portraits on the theme of the digital unconscious for the Nifty Gateway platform.

When we tackle the theme of "collaboration" together, Skygolpe reiterates how in crypto art - being a new movement - a great anomaly has occurred, that is, how artists with very different techniques and styles have found themselves in the same circuit. In the world of traditional art, artists are grouped into categories, within which a competition necessarily arises. On the contrary, in this case the heterogeneity stimulates the contamination, and the artists live by it. Very often it was the surrounding conditions that did not allow for it to develop.

Hackatao instead add that, also from the technical point of view, digital favors collaboration because files can be exchanged, allowing mutual modifications. But this is not the real added value, as it is the opportunity to know the other and oneself through the other, as well as the challenge of questioning one's own systems and one's own creative, intimate and often consolidated process. Resulting in a strengthening not only of the relationship between artists, always different from each other, but also of that between their closest communities.

Collaboration is not rewarded by the world of physical art and not even by traditional collectors. In crypto art, on the contrary, the “feature” is considered an even rarer creative act, a bit like it happens in the world of music.

Let's now discover the fascinating details of the artistic collaborative process that led to the creation of “H / id / den”, in this discussion that I had the pleasure of having with the artists.

Hackatao, /Un/covered - Hypno, 2021

Hackatao, Un/covered/ - Aware, 2021


I have never collaborated so much before the NFT world, but I was aware of my limitations, I would have liked to open up more. Crypto art was the perfect opportunity to move from words to deeds. Right from the start, one of my main goals was to collaborate with artists I respect and like, also to test myself. It was a great challenge, but I have grown a lot, sometimes even dealing with styles that are very different from mine.

I think I have developed the right attitude: at first I was more anxious about it.

As for the collaboration with Hackatao, we have two completely different ways of working. My work is very instinctive, as if I was always trying to preserve a moment, a flow. A good 70-80% of my work is completed straight away, I leave the rest to me for other sessions, such as cleaning, adjustment etc.

Working with Hackatao, on the other hand, was different, since they follow a very specific method and drawing takes time. At times I was waiting for a sign from them to understand how to continue with my things. The result of this process was contamination.

Hackatao + Skygolpe, /UN/, 2021


We like collaborations because you have to get involved and it's a way to learn. We also like to collaborate with artists who have a different style from ours.

The result is unknown and therefore it is much more fascinating. It is more tiring but at the same time gives more satisfaction.

With Skygolpe we immediately liked the approach to the search for a profound concept and we found ourselves right from the start due to the sensitivity of both of us regarding certain themes, the desire to dissect and research them.

This is important, because sometimes the artists do not start from the concept but from the sensation, from an impulse that they don't even know what it is. We absolutely found ourselves in this approach.

As for the technical side, when Skygolpe took our drawing and enlarged it to highlight a detail, we were shocked. We thought: you can’t do that! Instead, it opened up a new vision for us. When we saw this enlargement, the first reaction was: no, this is not Hackatao, it seemed strange to us. Then we thought about it and we studied what the criticality was, we kept his suggestion for enlarging the detail and we liked the result very much. This thing would never have started with us and therefore you are thrilled by the fact that another artist opens up a path for you that you would never have traveled alone (a bit like it happened for the feminine subject). To balance everything, we took our thickest design and brought it out, a new thing that we liked.

As for the colors, we generally try to look for a uniform palette for the whole collection. The thing we like most is that the project is complete: there is the concept, the choice of colors and the harmony. Complexity, but harmony. At the beginning we had tried the path of a more massive integration, but the result was too denaturalized. In this way there is respect for all parties. It works.

Hackatao + Skygolpe, /IN/


I have always thought that Hackatao were professionals, so for me it was also stimulating to see how they understand the creative project. I also take care of everything a lot, but I act with a lot of impetus, I tend to seek "wastefulness" rather than precision. Working with them I learned a lot about it.

The resolution emphasizes their art, I sometimes use a very warped resolution to achieve the effect I'm looking for. However, we have achieved a balance between my frenzy (frantic loops between anxiety and power) and their Zen work. This contrast makes the work pulsating. Two very different visions and interpretations of the moment. I almost need to get rid of something suddenly, theirs is the Zen of the repeated gesture.


For us too it is a release, but at a different speed: a slower release and a faster release. We are actually very fast when it comes to the single element, but the total drawing obviously takes a lot of time.


The first few times I came across Hackatao's works, I thought they were cheerful.

Gradually, entering their world, I saw much more.

And it is exactly that HORROR VACUI that most unites the two artists, the empty faces of Skygolpe and the need to fill of Hackatao. The two opposite reactions to the same thing: emptiness and fullness.

Like when the Hackatao redesign one of their characters enlarged by Skygolpe and suffer from not being able to fill it.

From May 14, visit the virtual exhibition on Arium at the following link:


And immerse yourself in the ocean of the human subconscious.

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