The infinite dance of Giant Swan

Breezy Art
Jun 10, 2021 9:23AM

This is the story of a kid who used to watch birds, of an artist who became a man, of a man who became an artist.

“There are approximately ten thousand species of birds on the planet and no single individual has seen them all”

Bernd Brunner

The Dancers, 2020

Giant Swan, a name that came from music and lives through movement, that breathes in the experience of art.

“Experience” is the key word of his art, whether it is connective, immersive, embracing, playful or just a place where to exist. The VR worlds that he creates for us to live and enjoy are that same scene where he shares his personal moments in relation to these spaces that he invents himself. Giant Swan’s art becomes a whole, an inclusive place where the relationship between the creator with the viewer and their personal connection with it is an essential part of the creation itself, its reason to exist.

The story started a long time ago, when Giant Swan understood that creativity was the only tool for him through which to understand himself and the life around. It doesn’t matter if he attempted to complete an advanced diploma in video game design and 3d art twice and failed them due to attendance. His passion for what he wanted to do, social worlds and videogames, music and the fact that he would find in art - encouraged by the family and school - his refuge and his identity, took him in 2016 to the most important encounter of his artistic life: Tilt Brush.

Aesthetic test 1, 2020

And here starts the infinite dance of Giant Swan, where sculpting with light and flashy effects is possible, as it is possible for other people to see it and to explore it.

His creative process really is a dance, the artist guides the brush with his body movements, accompanied by his biggest influencer that would always impact how he makes art in VR: music. That music that gave him a “name” and offered him the first ever chance to show his art to the world in 2017, when he received a call from the Smith Street Band asking him to create visuals for their show. The adventure was on, until entering a space where his whole background and the essence of his art could fit even better: crypto art. All of a sudden everything was making sense and Giant Swan’s contribution became fundamental for the NFT community, like being the first artist to add a 3D object on chain.

Giant Swan’s sculptures and creations don’t aim for perfection. On the contrary, his body movements generate that sparkle of imperfection that makes his art the most human and inclusive for the viewers, who feel comfortable and able to embrace their own imperfections.

With Giant Swan, art is not exclusive anymore. It is an act of sharing this collective condition we are all living together.

Giant Swan

Curator’s note

And in my mind there will always be that little kid, shadowing bird watchers in the park and never stopping looking for as many as possible of almost ten thousand species of birds . Only now, he is able to fly with them.

Tomorrow You're Leaving, 2020

Sounds like water, 2020

11:32 Absent-Express, 2020

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