BREEZY curation for $WHALE - GIANT SWAN Intro and In The Studio

Nov 24, 2021 4:28PM

As announced a few weeks ago, $Whale and Breezy started a long-term collaboration to provide a narrative to the $WHALE's "The Vault", one of the largest and most valuable collections of NFTs in the entire space through art curation.The artist of the month of November is Giant Swan.

The following videos anticipate the new and exciting interview with Giant Swan, eleonora brizi for breezy and $whaleshark.


In the first video, please enjoy this beautifully narrated introduction of one of the most creative and enchanting stories in crypto art, the art of one of the rarest pearls of the digital art space: Giant Swan.

The video below is about Giant Swan and Eleonora from Breezy as they take a look at his studio!

The story of Giant Swan is one of the most creative and enchanting in crypto art, and the art one of the rarest pearls in the space.

The keywords in the art of Giant Swan are movement and experience.

Movement, his essence, and his primordial creative force through which he gives life to shapes, characters, and new worlds inside the VR space. The VR worlds that he creates for us to live and enjoy are that same scene where he shares his personal moments in relation to these spaces that he invents himself.