Breezy x $WHALE: Elevating the Art-averse

Oct 4, 2021 2:39PM

Breezy is proud to announce a partnership with $WHALE to showcase the digital art assets found within $WHALE Vault.

Each month we will highlight a specific creator or theme, providing rich visuals, high-profile artist interviews, gallery events, and more. Our focus is to foster an interactive experience complete with catalogs, newsletters, and other media to explore.

“My first direct contact with WhaleShark happened exactly one year ago, thanks to the artist duo Hackatao, when I curated the digital and crypto art show Renaissance 2.0 2.0 in an ancient place in Rome. Other than being one of the main sponsors, WhaleShark created a video where he was narrating the story of the $WHALE Vault as well as the beauty and the essence of crypto art. At that moment, I knew we shared the same vision, the same hope, and we could collaborate to generate value for the community". Eleonora Brizi, founder of Breezy

“The $WHALE Vault holds some of the most unique, rare, and valuable crypto art from the blue chip artists in the space, so it is my pleasure and honor to work with a decorated professional such as Eleonora and her Breezy team to showcase it.” Decryptolorian, $WHALE Head of Art

Read here the official announcement of the collaboration:


Last October 1st, Breezy had a conversation with the brilliant NFT collector Whaleshark and founder of $WHALE. In this interview they highlighted their collaboration and talk about his thoughts on art, collecting NFT and much more.

Here some extracts of it:

What inspired you about NFTs digital art and particularly the artworks that you collect?

So I've always loved art. Unfortunately, unlike many others, I didn't have the ability to have a formal background education in art.So it was really awesome when I found out about NFTs and digital art, because essentially, I was able to collect everything and anything that I loved in an anonymous sense. The ability to finally be able to be an art collector really was a realization of a lifetime dream.

So, when you're looking at these pieces, how do you say this needs to be a part of your collection?

I think, as with any single collector, I have my preferences. I love minimalism. I love generative art. I love vaporwave, and it's those sort of genres that really speak to me. Now, when you do look at an art piece, essentially, the style, the nature and the essence of a creator stands out extremely strongly.

I observe the artists in their style, studying the portfolio and then I select the works among those that most represent their stylistic signature.

Can you briefly introduce the concept of the vault and what do you think the real value of this collection is?

So, the vault essentially is one of the largest and most valuable collections of NFTs in the entire space.And honestly, my favorite part of this collection is the digital art is the crypto.We have created a truly independent system from the collector or any other team that has the ability to participate in the collection or assimilation of the vault based on previous pricing, the vault is currently valued close to $ 50 million. However, this assessment is actually purely based on past sales. Now moving on. Essentially, valuations need to take into account three different time frames, which include past historical data, current market scarcity, and future forecasting models. So I believe the true value of the vault is in excess of $ 100 million and we will see the realization of that value as the years go by.

What is your vision for crypto art in the future?

So I believe that division of crypto art is that it will eventually become the common standard for all digital art and we're not only going to see natively digital art creators, but we're also going to see some extremely thoughtful, traditional physical creators who adapt their thought process to adapt their masterpieces into a digital format.We live in a digital world. There is digital content. Digital art needs to move digitally, and NFTs are really the only way to prove provenance, scarcity and ownership. So welcome to the new world of art, which is digital art.

One last question: what do you think of the new collaboration with Breezy?

Digital curation as important to the ecosystem as our artists. It consists on the ability to curate collections and to show a story and to explain that story and provide a narrative to everyone else who wants to admire and to enjoy these art pieces.Breezy brings to the table and extremely formal professional as well as exciting approach to the way that we're curating the pieces that we own today and I cannot wait to see the amount of narrative the amount of stories and the amount of excitement that this partnership generates moving forward as we continue to execute on a lot gallery showings within the metaverse.

To watch the entire conversation, please click here: