May 17, 2022 3:34PM

The new partnership with 𝗩-𝗔𝗥𝗧, will bring Breezy each month to highlight artists and artworks through the production of curated content, such as the curation of virtual pavilions, interviews, curatorial texts, art panels, etc. For EDAF (European Digital Art Fair) Breezy is curating the Art Spaceship pavilon. We have selected 31 works, divided in 5 sectors. Each sector has a "theme" and all the 5 sectors are part of a bigger theme.

Veronika Cherednychenko, Metaforest

The relationship between man and outer space has always been the most fascinating, answering the human need for exploration, crossing the borders of the known world to find the hope for new horizons, new places, and new forms of life.

Spaceships have been designed and built to travel the space and reach that “outer” dimension, delivering knowledge that keeps pushing the evolution of the human race.

Now imagine a spaceship filled with artworks, ready to take off and start its journey through the most arduous environment. The trip can last months or years, but the expedition is impregnated with the questions that art raises, the lens that art gives us to look at existence, and the mirror that art provides to see reflections.

For the curation of the Art Spaceship Pavilion, I thought for our spaceship to reach an even harder place to navigate through. We are not traveling to “outer space” anymore; this time, we are flying direct to “inner space.”

So welcome on board; this is a spaceship that you are very familiar with, even though many rooms and corners are still hidden. They were always there, but you’ve never had the chance to explore them. Allow yourself to get to know yourself and humanity; you’ve been missed.

Sector A. Nature, where everything begins. Progress, technology, urbanism. What is our relationship with nature? Are we building, or are we destroying?

Sector B. Inner self. Has hyper connection disconnected from ourselves? Are we lost in our ego or our subconscious?

Sector E. Humanity. Memories, isolation, disconnection, oblivion, solitude, blindness, absence. The human condition. Are we ready to move on together, in the collectivity, and evolve as human species?

Sector D. Technology merges nature. Can we exit the binary constriction and fuse our most powerful forces: nature and technology? Roots and progress, tradition and modernity. The real surrealism is what we are already living.

Sector C. Digital Humanism. Or Human Digitalism. The hope of technology for the future of humanity. The future is now.

Fasten your seatbelt. And remember, if you came here for solutions, you are in the wrong place. Art raises questions; art doesn’t answer. But one thing I can promise you: you will enjoy your flight.

Eleonora Brizi

Sandrine Deumier, Falling 004

Kostyantyn, Spiritual integrity

Dejan Vekic, The absence

Mayte Gómez Molina, El Desierto (The Desert)

Joas Nebe, Leaving A Message The Inefficient Way (1)

Oleksandra Voronina, Landscape. Shevchenkivskyi district. Classic graphic set

Dudka Roksolana, Tender Swan (crypto art)