Feb 18, 2022 11:44AM

The "Remix Me" project has reached its third (and last) Drop on the Makersplace platform, before the REMIX of REMIXES.

The original work by Hackatao in its double version, both physical (canvas) and digital (NFT), was commissioned by the lawyer Pierluigi Piselli, a collector who approached the world of digital art and crypto thanks to this project.

Our Dike, personification of Justice from which the entire concept originates, is ready to show itself again in a new and unprecedented guise. Remix Me, born from the collaboration between the artistic duo Hackatao, the curator Eleonora Brizi (Breezy), and the law firm Piselli and Partners, found its nourishment and support in the fundamental contribution of over 40 artists who, together with the team, believed in the project and the disruptive power of its message.

At the beginning of the journey, we asked the artistic community the following question: "what does it mean to remix a work of art, and what implications does it have?".

The purpose has never been to provide answers, much less to impose absolute truths. The whole project wanted to raise questions and start the discussion on NFT and Copyright, doing it through art and primarily through the community, to create the first steps towards the structured solutions and proposals that have been reasoned, tested, debated together within the community.

We did not know what kind of response we would get. Still, the debate that we have fuelled and the many questions of participation collected has confirmed the need for transparency and discussion on a topic that is anything but simple. However, we remain open to dialogue with ideas that may be conflicting, but that they are undoubtedly fundamental and necessary to the construction, progress, and thrust of the crypto art space.

Aware of the peculiarity of the topic, it was essential to introduce it gradually, starting from the analysis of controversies, well known to the art world, about the practice of appropriations (we talked about it here).

This process, however, should not necessarily be read in a negative light, because from confrontation and collaboration can arise completely new creative ideas that we cannot diminish a priori.

The "artistic project", after a first phase in which the work was left "free" to be remixed in order to study the spontaneous reactions of the community, was introduced by the discipline of the relationships between the parties involved and the sharing of common rules that would avoid the onset of controversies. Here the role of the law firm, which was responsible for drafting the rules and reasoning on the legal scope of the project, enhancing the participation of the artists selected and admitted to each "Remix of Remixes", realized in turn by Hackatao.

Remix Me is not only a title: it's an invitation to interact with Hackatao's work without any particular creative limits, with the certainty of seeing your own contribution recognized.

To further embellish the project, the issue of a Dynamic token, a token changeable in its metadata every time Hackatao releases a new "Remix of Remixes" (we talked about it here-li).

The collector of the Dynamic Token, auctioned in the First Drop of the project, has already seen the visual appearance of his work change twice and is about to receive the third "Remix of Remixes". Each evolutionary phase is left to the historical memory of the project through a process of crystallization in snapshots authorized by the collector of the Dynamic Token.

The next drop is scheduled for February 24 on the MakersPlace platform (Drop 1, Drop 2) with a different formula from the previous ones: the third and last "Remix of Remixes" signed by Hackatao will be available in a limited edition of 23 NFT. At the end of the project, Breezy will curate an exhibition on the Arium platform, during which all the artists selected will be invited to exhibit their works, together with Hackatao and their Remixes of Remixes. The event will also see the presentation of Hackatao’s latest work, which will be made by taking inspiration from all the "Remixes of Remixes" created in the 3 drops of the project.

Follow the next drop to discover the new 12 artists selected for the call and Hackatao's latest creation. Collectors who have purchased one of the artworks from the Remix Me project will be offered the chance to claim a trait of Queens+Kings. Hackatao's revolutionary PFP art project makes the collector co-creator of their own avatar. This interconnection between Hackatao's two current main projects is meant to be a thank you to the collectors who have supported Remix Me and a continuation of the project itself.

DROP 1: 17 artists + artworks

(click on the title to see the original work on Makersplace)

Vittorio Bonapace, Remix Me | 2021

Ducking Whimsical, Unintended Wrench

DROP 2: 13 artists + artworks

(click on the title to see the original on Makesplace)

A. L. Crego, Dissection

Adriano Tenore, IMDELIBLE


DROP 3: 12 artists + artworks deta






Joshua S. Levin

Lapin Mignon


Max Mauro

Mirko Credito