Nov 11, 2021 11:29AM

As announced a few weeks ago, $Whale and Breezy started a long-term collaboration to provide a narrative to the $WHALE's "The Vault", one of the largest and most valuable collections of NFTs in the entire space through art curation. Each month we will highlight a specific creator or theme, through rich visuals, high-profile artist interviews, gallery events, and more. The focus is to foster an interactive experience complete with catalogs, newsletters, and other media to explore. The artist of the month of November is Giant Swan.

This is the story of a kid who used to watch birds, of an artist who became a man, of a man who became an artist.

“There are approximately ten thousand species of birds on the planet and no single individual has seen them all.” ― Bernd Brunner

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This month, for the project BREEZY CURATES $WHALE, we decided to present one of the most creative and enchanting stories in crypto art, the art of one of the rarest pearls of the digital art space: Giant Swan.

The keywords in the art of Giant Swan are movement and experience.

Movement, his essence, and his primordial creative force through which he gives life to shapes, characters, and new worlds inside the VR space.

And experience, whether it is connective, immersive, embracing, playful, or just a place where to exist.

The VR worlds that he creates for us to live and enjoy are that same scene where he shares his personal moments in relation to these spaces that he invents himself. Giant Swan’s art becomes a whole, an inclusive place where the relationship between the creator with the viewer and their personal connection with it is an essential part of the creation itself, its reason to exist.

Giant Swan’s art is personal, but it speaks the universal language and his most intimate act of creation and feelings simply becomes our most intimate experience.

His sculptures, which he creates in VR, don’t aim for perfection. On the contrary, his body movements generate that sparkle of imperfection that makes his art the most human and inclusive for the viewers, who feel comfortable and able to embrace their own imperfections.

With Giant Swan, art is not “exclusive” anymore. It is an act of sharing this collective condition we are all living together.

We really look forward to experiencing together with all of you the magic that this artist is able to create for us, guiding his virtual brushes and colors through the most fascinating of the contemporary spaces: VR.

A retrospective of Giant Swan’s work, including the art pieces collected in The Vault, will be curated by Eleonora Brizi in the $Whale space on the platform Arium at the end of November and Q&A with $Whale community will be organized throughout this whole month.

Eleonora Brizi