Photos x Folios Exhibition

Bridgeman Editions
Oct 24, 2018 9:11AM

To coincide with Frieze Art Fair, Bridgeman Editions presents Photos X Folios, which launched on the 20th September at Grace Belgravia - an exhibition of limited edition prints & photographs which have been produced to raise awareness for 3 art educational charities - the RA Schools, House of Fairy Tales and Funtasia.

Two Tulips with Blue Square, Georgie Hopton, Turkish Tulips, Bridgeman Editions, (2018)

The exhibition brings together 2 unique print folios,Turkish Tulips (curated by Gavin Turk and The House of Fairy Tales) and the Bridgeman Folio, in conjunction with the work of photographers. Photos x Folios features work by Michael Craig-Martin, Gavin Turk, Sir Peter Blake RA, Yinka Shonibare MBE RA, Cornelia Parker RA, Fiona Banner, Damien Hirst, Rob and Nick Carter, Mat Collishaw, Gordon Cheung, Georgie Hopton, Nancy Fouts, Paul Huxley RA, Eileen Cooper RA, Vanessa Jackson RA, Cathie Pilkington RA, Bill Jacklin RA, Stephen Farthing RA, Adam Waymouth and Vikram Kushwah.

Tulips (After Mapplethorpe), Michael Criagh-Martin, Turkish Tulips, , Bridgeman Editions (2018)

Turkish Tulips features 19 original prints published by The House of Fairy Tales and co-curated by artist Gavin Turk. Established by Turk and Deborah Curtis in 2008, The House of Fairy Tales is a children’s educational arts charity, that delivers engaging, artistic, learning experiences for children.

Turkish Tea, Gavin Turk, Turkish Tulips, Bridgeman Editions (2018)

The Bridgeman Folio compiles a limited edition of prints by six leading Royal Academicians, with a percentage of the sales of the folio going towards supporting the Royal Academy Schools. Each of the six colour-plate lithographs within this folio was exclusively made by the artists for Bridgeman Editions.

Gemini, Eileen Cooper, Bridgeman Folio, Bridgeman Editions (2018)

The Bridgeman Folio - Bridgeman Editions (2018)

We will also be showcasing a small selection of work by photographer Adam Waymouth, taken whilst working for the educational charity Funtasia in Luxor, Egypt. Waymouth challenges our perception of decay, underlining the beauty and significance of natural waste by transforming simple natural forms into complex and tactile objects, which take on a charged symbolic meaning, inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology.

Fossil Flower, Adam Waymouth, Bridgeman Editions (2018)

Bridgeman Editions is a new initiative from Bridgeman Images representing a curated selection of original limited edition prints by artists whom we represent for copyright. Bridgeman Editions works collaboratively with a selection of leading contemporary artists to produce limited edition prints and multiples. All of our original prints are made exclusively for Bridgeman Editions, in conjunction with the acclaimed Paupers Press, never exceeding a print run of 50 ensuring the rarity and collectability of each print.

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