The Work

Artsy Editors
Sep 20, 2013 7:55PM

When I create, it is my way to communicate with the world. With each painting, there is a special dialogue that is intimate. I aim to provoke an emotional reaction in the viewer. Sometimes it is in the form of a question; sometimes it is simply a feeling or a mood that comes about. Regardless of its interpretation, I strive to inspire.   

I favor abstract painting and use a minimalistic approach in my work. To me simplicity is about bringing order to complexity. When the work is streamlined, it enables the mind to expand. Only then can imagination happen. I love depth and textures, they remind me of what once was.  The philosophy Wabi-Sabi from the Zen Buddhist culture that is centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection plays a definite role in my creative process. My paintings sometimes appear to be "scarred" and "worn", survivors of a long journey having a story to tell... Working with oil paint, pigments and various mediums allow me to create a work that is rich in substance and interesting to look at. I prefer to work large as it creates a stronger focal point that captures the viewer’s attention.

Painting isn’t what I do it is simply who I am.

Artsy Editors