Kandy & Sandy by BuBu

Oliver Schibli
Jan 7, 2015 2:53AM

Kandy & Sandy 80x80cm/31x31 inch, acrylic on canvas, 2014

Artist Statement
I am a self-taught artist who began to paint in 2012. With a growing devotion to art, I made a life changing decision in March 2014 to move to Phuket in Thailand to become a full time artist. This has given me the opportunity to explore my passions deeper and find new ways to express myself through art.

Painting is a personal journey to know myself and I am currently at the beginning of that journey. I’m inspired by my passion for travel and music. In my work I travel between cultures, colours, tunes and create artworks that reflect this; it can be just the colours from the island or a track from Solomun, Sade or Morcheeba.

My work range is from paintings to art lights (mannequin-lamps). In my figures I uniquely capture emotional states, creating a gallery filled with dreams and passions. My paintings are full of harmony and colour but also maintain a chic-chaos with my unique Lifelines. These Lifelines show how complicated life can be, but also that there is always a way if you want.

Each of these Lifelines are created spontaneously and are always based on an 'in the moment' decision that dictates the direction and which element comes next. Exactly like in life when every decision you make brings you to another point where the next decision waits of you.

Colour transmits the soul of my work and adds more sense to the themes that I paint. The use of colour, contrast and also the composition are never left to fate in my paintings, it´s often very calculated.

The materials which I work in are acrylic on canvas or high quality Mannequins from

Hans Boodt, enigmatic forms with a mixture of abstraction. For me they are archetypes. I never stop experimenting. I like to explore different themes, or different styles, always evolving and learning.

For me canvas is a place of meditation and construction, of immersion in the past and projection in the future. I like to move on the border between figures and abstraction and I have boundless faith in clean and bright colours.


Oliver Schibli