Cai Studio Staff Exhibiton Opening

Cai Guo-Qiang Studio
Jul 9, 2014 7:37PM

On July 1st, 2014, Cai Studio hosted the opening of the Studio Staff Exhibition in its newly renovated New York space. The exhibition features a broad array of contributions from former and current staff members, including a number of well-known artists and scholars.Together their works form a wonderful display of the vibrant creativity and talent that has powered the Studio for the past two decades.

A word or two from Cai:   

"When I was told more than sixty-six staff and interns have worked in the studio, frankly speaking, I was quite surprised. 

I met my first official assistant, Tatsumi in 1991 for my exhibition Primeval Fireball. In the following years, my assistants became my travel companions, study mates, and comrades-in-arms in art making.  My assistants are happy for me when I make brief appearances in the spotlight, and they are loyal companions and confidants on my lonely journey into the world. For those of you who have come and gone in the earlier years, I was more of a big brother and a father. I believe I will soon play a grandfather figure. Despite these generational differences, everyone has taken great care of me—this old 'little' boy Cai—as if they were my nannies. With much curiosity, I have learned a lot from each of my assistants, yet remained happily as a child in the mean time.

As I often say, I hope everyone working here cherishes the most precious time of their lives, learns from one another, and enjoys the fun of making art; in the meantime, I hope they feel fulfilled by the small contributions art has made to society. You painstakingly prepare for exhibitions over long periods, and bravely rush to put out the fire from explosions time after time. Yet at the moment of the exhibition opening, I am always the only person standing amidst flashing cameras, with my name on the artwork.

Today, after a period of renovations, the opening of the studio exhibition marks the very first event for this experimental space. I would like to hand this space over to all of you—from the predecessors who found this space for the studio over a decade ago, to those new talents who have started their first week. It is my hope that everyone can show their own work, and appreciate each other’s talents. 

At this radiant moment of yours, I am deeply thrilled to be your most loyal assistant and audience." 

 - Cai Guo-Qiang, July 1st, 2014 

The exhibition will be open by appointment Monday to Friday (10am-6pm) until August 15. Please feel free to share the following contact details with any potential visitors to coordinate their visit:

To make appointment:                                                        Via email: [email protected], subject heading: Studio Exhibition Appointment; Via telephone: +1 212 995 0908

Image Credits:

1. Cai Studio Staff Exhibition opening reception, New York, 2014. Photo by Xiaoyun Fan, courtesy of Cai Studio. 

2. Guests viewing Following Cai by Wen-You Cai, New York, 2014. Photo by Xiaoyun Fan, courtesy of Cai Studio. 

3. Exhibition view of Cai Studio Staff Exhibition, New York, 2014. Photo by Lydia Ohl, courtesy of Cai Studio. 

4. Installation view of Paradise Scaled by Jennifer Wen Ma, New York, 2014. Photo by Xiaoyun Fan, courtesy of Cai Studio. 

5. The Studio celebrates artist and former studio director Jennifer Wen Ma's birthday during the opening reception, New York, 2014. Photo by Wen-You Cai, courtesy of Cai Studio.

6. Installation view (detail) of Construction by Hong Hong Wu, New York, 2014. Photo by Lydia Ohl, courtesy of Cai Studio.  


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