Stan Douglas Takes on a New Medium, the 3-D Art App

Canadian Art
Oct 17, 2013 7:15PM

Internationally renowned Canadian artist Stan Douglas, who won the $50,000 Scotiabank Photography Award in May, is venturing into a new territory—a 3-D art app for iPad and  iPhone—in a new project created with the National Film Board.

Douglas and NFB producer Loc Dao discussed the project this week at the 57th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with Power to the Pixel, a global cross-media forum.

The project, titled Circa 1948 and due to launch in spring 2014, will give users a look at a moment in Vancouver history as experienced by homeless veterans, gamblers, prostitutes and corrupt police officers. Like some of Douglas’s other works—which to date have mainly been still photographs and film installations—Circa 1948 will look at class, race and corruption through the lens of a moment in Vancouver’s past.

“We are building a nonlinear environment with an almost unlimited number of frames, 160 pages of script and dialogue, and [it] does not use a single piece of photography,” Dao told an audience regarding Circa 1948 at the Tribeca Film Institute in New York this spring.

“We go back in time to 1948, to Vancouver right after World War Two. We have a well-off west side and a poor east side of town. We have a class war, we have corruption at government levels. We have racial tension. Things were different yet oddly similar to today,” Dao said in his New York talk.

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