The Shot and W’s September Issue: Boo George

Caroline Wolff
Aug 1, 2013 8:52PM

The Shot is a competition envisioned by Stefano Tonchi, W, and ICP to recognize the next generation of star fashion photographers, and provides an opportunity to celebrate those newly established photographers we feel have staying power in this difficult business. We look for technical skill and an elevated eye, but most importantly, original ideas.

Boo George’s work is that special combination of raw, real, and a bit edgy while still very polished. He maintains a high level of versatility while still creating specific images that are unique to his point of view. A strong commander of location, George is able to produce very romantic scenes that are a signature part of his style. His energy is contagious. So positive and kind, he's like a live wire. George loves fashion and respects it.

W Fashion Director, Edward Enninful, was inspired by the heavy knits and skirts in the fall collections, and he and George envisioned them in a beautiful rural expanse—a fresh, modern take on the August Sander farmers portraits.

George is already well on his way. He will continue to hone his art, take risks, and work with the most talented editors and stylists. Major campaigns and magazine covers are certainly in his future!  
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Caroline Wolff