Carrasco Art Gallery

CARRASCO art gallery
Jun 17, 2018 9:02PM

Carrasco Art Gallery, under the direction of Pedro Carrasco, located at Beco do Carrasco.

If there’s no such things as coincidences, this one indeed happened…

Pedro was looking for a place to start his new project - Carrasco Art Gallery - and discovered a perfect one in a small street, which has precisely the same name as his own, not very common, surname.

Carrasco Art Gallery is based in the heart of Lisbon, near Bairro Alto, and results from Pedro’s early passion for art. As a senior designer he felt it was time to move on towards a new project where he could accomplish an old intention - to promote modern and contemporary art, mainly painting, and to discover and encourage new and emergents artists.  

Carrasco Art Gallery is starting with two Portuguese represented artists - João Teixeira and José Armando - and works from a private collection.

Awakening emotions through art. That is what Carrasco Art Gallery intends to do with the paintings that are now available for you to admire and acquire.

Take a look.

CARRASCO art gallery