The art world's Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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Mar 28, 2019 9:51AM

Peter and Jayne Smith bring something different to the art world. They bring their distinctiveness, their imagination and their Impossimalness.

Contemporary artist Peter Smith brings something different to the art world. Created alongside his wife Jayne, his delectable Lost Impossimals™, Lost Alice™ and Impossimals® series have whetted the appetites of collectors across the globe.

The pair’s home is the perfect studio for their eccentric art, with quirks including a Victorian dining room and a two-foot teapot. Here at Impossimal HQ, they create the scenes for their oil-on-board paintings, which can involve anything from baking dozens of jam scones to installing a mini railway line.

After training as an architect, Peter worked in design with companies such as Disney, Fox, Pixar and Marvel. His inspiration comes from artists like Salvador Dali and Will Bullas, whose surreal characters and sense of humour bring life to their creations.

Although they differ in subject matter, all of the Smiths’ collections have something in common – they exude childhood eccentricity and, most notably, they have a story. Even their longest standing collectors are able to find new details and meanings in their artwork every day.

Speaking about his work, Peter Smith said: “My aim has always been to make people happy. I simply take a gentle childhood, combine it with what makes me smile, and paint it.”

Titanicus Giganticus Britannicus $770.00

The Sherlock Sidewinder's Final Problem $833.00

The Quintessentially Quaint Queen Of Ices $833.00

Pankhurst's Portable Punch Him Judy Booth $833.

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