Blank canvas to published master: Launching your professional art career

Castle Fine Art
Feb 26, 2019 11:56AM

Establishing yourself in the art world is no easy feat. Even if you boast a first-class education from the best art school in the nation, success isn’t always guaranteed, and many aspiring artists underestimate the challenges they’ll face when going it alone in the industry. This guide offers you an exclusive look at the workings of the fine art publishing world from one of the biggest players in the game. It’ll address the roadblocks encountered by contemporary artists trying to make a break in today’s market, as well as providing unique insight from publishing experts and artists on how, with the right support, you can pave the way towards a flourishing career.

Blank canvas to published master

What is a fine art publisher?

A ‘record label’ for the art world...

Fine art publishers represent and invest in talented visual artists, nurturing their careers and helping them to expand their collector bases.

We get your work ‘out there’...

Publishers take an artist’s original works and translate them into fine quality collectable limited editions, making them accessible to a wider audience.

You create the art; we take care of the rest...

Finding the time to create in between self promoting and building your brand can become a juggling act. Publishers take away the admin, allowing artists to spend all their time on what they enjoy – making art.

How can Washington Green help?

Over the last 30 years we’ve established ourselves as a reckoning force within the art publishing world. Skilled and talented people work across our business to ensure our artwork is presented to the highest quality and promoted to the right audience. Here’s how we could help you…

Gallery representation

Our artists’ work is sold by Castle Fine Art, our network of 36 galleries across the UK, as well as through a number of national and international trade galleries, giving them access to a broad and diverse collector base. Gallery staff receive regular and extensive training about the artwork they sell and have personal relationships with collectors. Their awareness of collectors’ likes and dislikes allows them to showcase individual artwork to the people who will appreciate it most.


As an artist you’re essentially your own brand and, in order to get people to buy into you and your work, your message needs to be clear and consistent. Our Marketing & Design department functions as an internal agency, providing a full service support to our artists. From exhibition catalogues and social media campaigns, to bespoke invitations for gallery appearances and building features about our artists into the internally produced biannual magazine, Fine Art Collector , they handle it all

Craftmanship and quality

Every piece of art we sell is mounted, glazed and framed by hand, with our bespoke framing service selected by our dedicated team. We work closely with FSC accredited suppliers to ensure our frames are sustainable to protect the environment. Having our own in house creative teams saves a lot of cost and time. An artist working independently would have to vet suppliers or go out and buy the frames themselves, which can be quite time consuming and overwhelming. Our creative teams are well versed in knowing which frames work best for which artwork. Often, the right frame can add a subtle but important change to the overall finish of the artwork.


Printing encompasses more than merely putting ink on paper. Our knowledge and experience means we know which medium works best for each of our artists. Our creative teams are often working on developing new techniques, adapting printing technologies originally intended for other applications to fine art production. We also benefit hugely from the inputs of our external suppliers whose varying expertise and technologies are all brought together to provide us with a multitude of options for the way we present our art.

Artist management

Each of our artists are assigned a manager who provides a wealth of support, from developing personalised publishing schedules and curating shows, to sharing creative direction and, importantly, handling time-consuming admin. If there is anyone as invested in our artists’ success as they are, it’s their managers.

Gallery appearances

We encourage the artists we work with to go out and forge relationships with the people who buy their work through our events programme, which sees them regularly take part in ‘meet the artist’ appearances, offering them the chance to visit galleries and network with their collectors.


There’s a common misconception that artists who sign with a publisher aren’t afforded the chance to exhibit at esteemed museums, but this isn’t the case at all. We strongly believe in supporting our artists in any goals and dreams they may have, and a number of our artists have gone on to exhibit at prestigious museums around the world, from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and The Great North Museum, to Titanic Belfast, Manchester Central Library and Leeds City Museum.

We strive to support and encourage both our existing and new artists and are always on hand to offer advice, support or direction whenever it’s needed. We’re always looking to discover the next generation of talent and actively encourage new artists to submit samples of their work for consideration.

By post

Please send samples of your work along with a covering letter or CV to:

Art Review c/o Emily Shaw, Washington Green Fine Art Publishing Company Ltd Unit 15 Spitfire Park, Spitfire Road, Birmingham, B24 9PR, UK

You can send samples in any of the following formats: - On disk (JPEG images) - Colour photographs - Colour laserprints - Transparencies or Slides

PLEASE DON’T SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK and ensure all samples are clearly marked with your name and contact details.

By email

Please email [email protected] and attach samples as low resolution jpegs, alongside an up to date CV or some general background information. We look forward to seeing your submissions.

Castle Fine Art