Discover 'After Warhol' by Paul Stephenson

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Mar 21, 2019 1:38PM

The incredible new collection from contemporary artist, Paul Stephenson, has been praised by both the BBC and Vice magazine, and sees the artist bring Warhol’s original acetates to life...

Jackie - Phthalo Green

Paul Stephenson created After Warhol in collaboration with one of Andy Warhol’s original master printers, Alexander Heinrici. The project was born after he visited a London auction and purchased materials Warhol worked on by hand before the mechanical process of silkscreen printing began, which were authenticated by the Andy Warhol Museum.

The artist has faithfully followed Warhol’s method, enlarging the original acetate before transferring the image to a larger canvas and using a squeegee to press the inks through a screen.

Stephenson is the only artist with whom Warhol’s silkscreen printer of choice, Alexander Heinrici, is working to create what is described by the world’s foremost Warholian authority, Professor Rainer Crone, as ‘posthumous Warhol’ screen prints.

Speaking about After Warhol, Paul Stephenson said: “When producing each piece I get into character and often feel like one of Warhol’s studio assistants. I keep asking myself, ‘What would Andy do?’ That holds me to a standard of which I can be proud."

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