Masami Teraoka | Pussy Riot, Putin & The Pope

Catharine Clark Gallery
Dec 17, 2015 9:46PM

Masami Teraoka's solo exhibition opens at Catharine Clark Gallery on January 9, 2016.  The exhibit features four large tripytch paintings, more than a decade in the making, in which the music group Pussy Riot, Pope Francis, and Vladimir Putin play radical roles.

While shocking and lurid, the exhibit (titled after the villains and heroes in the artist’s theatrical renderings) is also sardonic and impishly humorous: power changes hands, traditional roles reverse, and fates are reimagined. Mirroring the triptych construction of his paintings, Masami Teraoka’s tableaus literally and figuratively open the secretive and dark underworlds of institutional power to Teraoka’s singular brand of unabashed truth-telling, searing criticism, and playful ridicule. 

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Catharine Clark Gallery