Nina Katchadourian to be featured on WNYC's New Tech City Podcast series

Catharine Clark Gallery
Jan 30, 2015 8:36PM

These works are part of Nina Katchadourian's ongoing series, Seat Assignment, works which the artist makes on airline flights, using only a camera phone and improvising with materials close at hand.  Katchadourian has received widespread attention and press for this innovative series--using time which most people find excruciatingly long, tedious and boring, to creative ends.  

Most recently, Nina Katchadourian has attracted the attention of WYNC where she will be featured on their New Tech City Podcast series, in a challenge called Bored and Brilliant, which will take place Monday February 2 - Sunday February 8. 

Bored and Brilliant is an attempt to get listeners to make phone-free time in their lives, to encourage spacing out and "productive boredom" and creativity.  Listeners can sign up on-line here.

Katchadourian will be featured in the popular weekend slot, Saturday, February 7 and Sunday, February 8 when she will challenge listeners to put down their phones and engage in a creative task.  

Catharine Clark Gallery