TAKE ONE - Group Exhibition by Yassine Mekhnache, Tanc, Jonas "Sun7" Bournat and Mehdi "ZeeR"

Jan 18, 2014 7:11PM

Exhibition January 16th-February 23rd, 2014

Thursday-Friday 12-7pm

Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm

 66 grand street #1, ny-soho

+1 347-918-6226

The group exhibition TAKE ONE signifies a model direction for Catherine Ahnell Gallery Freerunning Art Corp.

Over the course of 2013, four artists were invited at different periods of time to live and work in the gallery. As a result, four different solo exhibitions were conceived to present the work created in the gallery space. TAKE ONE reviews work from 2013 by a group of French artists pushing the margins of contemporary art. Often self taught and/or translating techniques from street art into fine art, their artistic journey coming to New York has been somewhat of an homage to the art scene built by artists such as Keith Haring and Basquiat. A scene of artists who gave art an alternative audience by bringing it into new environments allowing commercial galleries to recognize formerly marginalized art practices as worthy of serious critical attention.

Following in the SoHo heritage of A.I.R. (artist-in-residence), the gallery proposed the artists to work and exhibit in the same space, highlighting the artistic process. This gesture opened up the possibility of viewing each exhibition as an art installation and at the same time gave precedence to individual art pieces created to stand alone.

"TAKE 1 refers to the freedom of artistic expression beyond institutional structures and set techniques", says Catherine Ahnell, curator and founder.