My Highlights from the Dallas Art Fair 2014

Catherine Rose
Apr 2, 2014 5:37PM

My Selection:

Takashi Yasumura, 1/1, 2012, at MISAKO & ROSEN

Yasumura zooms in, eliminating anything distracting from the overall abstraction. 

Scott Reeder, Real Evil, 2013, at Lisa Cooley

It's all about the titles...bad ones that don’t make the cut get turned into abstract paintings while titles that work get mapped out in pasta-like tape.

Stefana McClure, Colorblind, Dixie (meadow breeze), 2013, at Josée Bienvenu

Obsessive handiwork that slips sometimes dark content into beautifully innocuous objects. 

Lance Letscher, Hot Rod, 2013, at Conduit Gallery

Collages of iconic objects rendered abstract through composition.

Jay DeFeo, Untitled c. 1975-76, 1975-76, at Hosfelt Gallery

An artist who knew how to endlessly spin series of photos, paintings and drawings out of the quotidian objects around her.

Elise Adibi, Blue Tansy Grid, 2013, at Churner and Churner

Using Warhol's materials and techniques to affect Agnes Martin-like images. 

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Catherine Rose