My Highlights from FOG Design+Art 2015

What shapes and glazes he created! Friberg is a real master of pottery. Together these pieces remind me of a beautiful still life. They make me want to whisper.
, Blur Two, 2014, at Hosfelt Gallery
He creates magic with his electronic images. I don’t always understand the process, but I love the work. It is hard to look away.
, Pentagonal Center Table, 1988, at Gray Gallery
What remarkable engineering. 
, Table Tambour / Tambour Table, 2012, at Demisch Danant 
I am a long time admirer of hers. It is always a thrill to see her work. 
, “Listen To Me” Chaise Lounge, 1948, at Converso
Perfection. An iconic beauty.
The reduction of the bulb into an abstract form is gorgeous and sensual.