Dennis Parlante - Collage

cecil touchon
Mar 16, 2016 6:17PM

Opening July 10, 2015 5-8 PM


Artist Statement


"Whether I am working on collages of found papers and ink, or acrylic paintings, my focus is exploring elements of intentional and spontaneous mark making and design One of my influences has always been children's art. They have a natural spontaneous energy when drawing or painting, and they seem to enjoy the act of making art without thinking about creating a finished product.


Another important influence in my work is the deep black strokes of Japanese Sumi painting. The energy driven strokes are both dramatic and emotional, while at the same time sensitive and bold. In general, I find the Japanese culture inspiring, because of its many contrasts. From the precise formality of flower arranging and tea ceremonies to the expressive sound and gesture of Kabuki Theater, Japanese art and culture is an important part of my thinking when I work. Thus, these two influences paired with my Western upbringing, form a juxtaposition of intuitive gesture and controlled forms that is the nature of my work."


Dennis is a full time artist presently living in San Francisco, California. He taught art in New York City; Honshu, Japan; and San Francisco, for over 40 years before retiring in 2013. He works primarily in mixed media collage and acrylic painting and his work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States. His work has been reproduced in "Masters" - Collage, and he has been positively reviewed by Kenneth Baker, art critic of the San Francisco Chronicle. His work has been placed in both public and private collections throughout the country.

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See an older video of Parlante in his studio.

cecil touchon